Celia’s driving force behind her design is her passion for color, texture, and composition, as well as working with her clients to achieve their dream environment. Her instant success was a result of her natural ability to create spatial harmony. Regularly featured in design publications and named by House Beautiful magazine as one of their “rising stars of design” in 2002, Celia is known for elegant style and luxurious interiors.

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Celia was immersed in design since childhood. From the age of nine Celia would go to work with her mother at an interior design studio sketching projects from her own imagination. At seventeen, she enrolled at the Belas Artes University where she received her degree in Architecture and Urbanism while working for one of Sao Paulo’s most prestigious interior designers, Anna Maria Vieira Santos. After graduating in 1993, Celia opened her own residential firm, Living Interior Design in 1998.

After almost two decades in the industry she has been mastering her craft on residential and commercial projects in Miami, Aspen, Brazil and Argentina. She enthusiastically enjoys designing furniture for her clients. Celia’s absolute goal is “to be able to really get the essence of my client’s expectations; to ultimately make them feel at home in whatever environment it may be; to balance the colors, materials and styles that please them most; to study the natural light and surroundings, and finally to make them work harmoniously.


Celia creates elegant spaces that infuse modern pieces and antiques celebrating a casual chic style that’s subtle yet playful. Celia imagines her environment in color and transcends her spaces from ordinary rooms into stylish designs. The fluidity of her interiors characterizes her “clean look with no clutter” approach. She loves natural fibers like linen, cotton, and sisal combined with a refined color palette. The use of these elements and her clean modern lines balance her use of paintings and her favorite, black and white photography. These distinctive qualities emphasize the foundation of her rooms which have a clean linear look warmed with organic colors and materials, creating a more livable space unique to each client. Client Annie Kadre explains her experience working with Celia, “Celia’s passion for great design comes through in her work. She completely immerses herself in her projects and converts the ordinary into extraordinary. Celia immediately captured our love for art and entertaining and transformed our home into a magical place. It was a wonderful and fun experience working with her.”

LID Design Management:

In collaboration with Eduardo Cabral, based in Sao Paulo, Living Interior Design, Inc. is also contracted to manage international projects, supervising the development of plans to code. LID oversees construction details, including permitting for building and renovation.

The firm is proficient in interior design, lighting, textiles, furniture, product management, construction drawings, budgeting, and developing a professional and dependable relationship with each client.

Working with architects, contractors, carpenters, and suppliers, LID associates serve as the client’s liaison to ensure their objectives are met. Our most important goal is to meet the client’s requirements with the creative views of the designer and guarantee an efficient project that conveys the standards of excellence of our firm.